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Turkish doctors come together to offer the best possible options for capillary transplantation.

The experience of the medical teams, the results obtained, the prices, the treatment and the general conditions for a hair transplant in Turkey are the best. Furthermore, Hiberus Hair Center also provides another essential aspect: Initial advice , follow-up and medical supervision by our associated clinics in Spain.


We will study your case and the feasibility of the treatment, we will carry out the study and the drawing based on your opinion, and we will plan the steps to be taken. A good diagnosis should never be underestimated, a good explanation of everything that concerns the intervention that will be performed and a detailed planning. Don’t forget that we are talking about surgery.


Surgery never ends after the implant is performed. An unavoidable phase of convalescence, revisions and follow-up begins, which is usually skipped due to the impossibility of traveling repeatedly to the country where the surgery was performed. Instead, at our clinic, from the beginning to the end of the entire 12-month hair transplant process, the team of medical professionals in Turkey will be at your disposal for consultations, revisions and everything you consider necessary.